Hound Hollow Photography celebrates… dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rodents and even people. We are deeply aware of the value animals add to our lives. We are also acutely aware of how fleeting our time with us really is. We’d like to create an artistic portrait of you and your pet that honors their respected status in your family. Photo shoots are normally done at our client’s home, or barn but can be done within reason at any place of your choice. Nothing should be posed, the photographs should be natural, and a lifetime memory made.

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“About Me”
I’m really not one to write about myself… do you really want to know my past? Yesterday, is the past. So let’s move forward to today and think of this as a new “About Me”. This is the person I am today, the person you have to be comfortable with, the person behind the camera, the person that will make those memories last.
I love my husband, five dogs, seven house cats, one horse and five parrots, my mom and brother, extended family and my dear friends.
I adore getting on my Harley Davidson motorcycle and letting the wind blow in my face and hair.
My favorite wild animal is the River Otter. Our personalities are very similar.
Roses, white, are my favorite.
I love listening to music. Genesis and Phil Collins could be playing all day.
Dining out with good friends is a must.
I don’t drink soda.
A mid day nap revitalizes me.
I hear everything and my mind runs in several different directions at one time.
And when I am not focused on photographing animals, you’ll find me snapping photographs of just about anything.
That is just a tad, of me. What my eyes see, I hope comes through in my photographs.


One thought on “About

  1. What you wrote about yourself is just a smidgen of who you are.
    There you are my wonderfully talented child. Whatever you choose to do you always do 100% and you do it well and with all your love in your big heart. What the lens shows is what YOU are.

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