January 4, 2013

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Happy New Year, I hope the holidays brought all you desired. Bob and I enjoyed our time with great family and friends.
The next few weeks will be busy. I’ll be shooting two canine events, which is always enjoyable. I very much look forward to it every year.
Today, I needed to get away. For me the place to go is the zoo. Many of the animals were inside, it was bitter cold. It didn’t matter to because I knew that one shot I was looking for would be there. Shooting through cages can be difficult but I somehow managed to capture this Grey Fox. The edit is a bleached effect, something different. I’ll get the other photographs uploaded over the weekend.
Bob and I are now booking for spring. If you considered having your pets photographed now is the time to book your sitting. Give us a call 610-683-5015 to discuss dates available.
Until next time, be well.

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