July 8, 2013

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Hi everyone, I hope you are well. There’s a short story behind this elegant lady you see. Her name is Sophia and I think her owner tells her story best. Below is a brief insight into the life of this beautiful canine.
Not sure how much detail you want on Sophia, but here goes. When we lost the little deaf Boston we had adopted, Annie, we decided we wanted another Boston. We thought we would “rescue” an older dog, rather than get a puppy. We poked around on the internet and found an organization called Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (“NEBTR”). We filled out an on-line application, did a telephone interview, had a home visit & they approved us to adopt.
We went to a pet adoption event at the Ridgewood Animal Hospital on September 30, 2012. There were several NEBTR Bostons there, including Sophia. She really took to Allison & jumped up & put her front paws on Allison’s leg (she did it to me a couple times, too). Her foster mom said she didn’t like everyone & it was a good sign she seemed to like us. After not very much discussion, we decided to adopt her. Her foster mom brought her to our house in October.
Her foster mom said she had picked her up from a puppy mill/”backyard breeder” somewhere in upstate New York, and that for the first 48 hours after she was rescued she was catatonic & wouldn’t come out of her crate. On the third day she began to watch another Boston who lived in the house, and began how to learn how to be a dog. She ran around the yard, played with a ball & gradually came around. According to the vet records we got with her, she was born on May 18, 2004, which would make her nine years old now. They said she had 6 – 8 litters while in the mill.
She had a nodule on one of her mammary glands, which the rescue group recommended we keep an eye on. Our vet recommended surgery, which we had done, but we were pretty apprehensive after what had happened with Annie, but she came through it OK.
She is quite submissive with people, but it is a different story with poor Ringo. She established herself on the living room sofa, on her blanket, and dragged another blanket up there. She collects all the dog toys & drags them up onto the sofa, too. She will actually take toys out of Ringo’s mouth. She gets jealous if you pet or pay attention to Ringo, & will come over & push her way in. She doesn’t like it when Ringo gets very excited, and has gone after him a few times (Annie was the same way – Ringo is good & backs off, so nothing serious has happened).
She is a very sweet little dog & we love her very much.

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