July 2013


Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. It’s mid-summer and there is so much happening. Our barn roof is done. After waiting nine months is finally completed. Bob got himself a new(used)car that he always wanted, work has been fun and the kennel is full of dogs.
With construction going on and the heat wave last week, I haven’t been out shooting. Today, was so beautiful. I took the opportunity to snap a few photographs of the Hummingbirds that frequent our feeders. What a challenge they are to capture. You blink and they are gone. Sometimes you are lucky and they stay about twenty seconds. I hope you like the little female, above.
Fall sittings are available. It is the perfect time to create that lasting memory. The weather is crisp and the colors spectacular. Holiday photos, are also something to consider before you know it Christmas will be here.
Until next time…..

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