August 2013

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Priscilla-1 (800x525)

It’s not everyday you get to capture unique beauty. Meet Priscilla, a petite, elegant and unique Chinese Crested. At one time the Crested’s were thought of as…. ugly, because of being hairless and lacking in teeth. Now, many years later this breed is very popular. They come in two varieties hairless and power puff. Watching this little girl fly around the yard, her mane flowing in the wind, you would think she was a smaller sighthound. I just feel in love with the breed.

Above in the first photograph you can see the oil paint style(click to enlarge the picture to see the style). The setting was very beautiful. I had not seen as many butterflies as I had seen in the short time I was there shooting. There were hundreds of them. It was truly lovely. I incorporated the gazebo, butterfly and the two images to achieve this style. Unique, just like Priscilla herself. More actual photographs of her will be posted once her proofs are approved.

I am now booking Autumn dates. It’s my favorite time of year, where nature’s background is quite stunning. If you think you might be interested, give me a call 610-683-5015.

Until next time……

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