October 14, 2012


Meet Vee, she is a stunningly beautiful Akita Mix. Those blue eyes are just piercing. She is such a sweet dog, wanting to get close to me and kiss. Trying to keep her from the camera was a challenge. What a joy to be able to do a short sitting with her.
I want to remind everyone tomorrow is the last day of our Holiday special. Take advantage and book your pet’s sitting today or tomorrow.
I wish you all a great day. Until next time…

Monday August 6, 2012

(click to enlarge photographs)

Papillon, the Butterfly a sure sign summer is in full swing. I was walking into the kennel and saw this beautiful Swallowtail sucking the nectar from the flowers. I ran in, grabbed the camera and snapped close to fifty photographs. These were two that captured my eye. There will be more posted in the next few weeks.
August, is a busy time for me because I am always photographing dogs. Look for additional canine portraits to also be added to the gallery.
Enjoy, the warmth and beauty in the days to come. Before we know it, winter will be here.

Saturday May 5, 2012

This week we had so much rain. I found myself itching to get outside and take some photographs. Once the rains stopped, I found my may to this budding Dogwood. I’ve been watching and waiting for it to flourish and bloom as it did the year before. I think is the coming week, it will get richer in the pink color. I will certainly be keeping my eyes on it.
I’ve added some other floral photographs to the Nature Gallery, please check it out. This is a great time of year, the birds come back east, the flowers and trees start to bloom and the insects follow to pollinate. I’ve already noticed tiny pears and apples in the orchard.
Be well, until next time.