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Thursday May 31, 2012

It Seemed Like Summer….
This week we had a taste of what promises to be a warm summer. We experienced above average temperatures along with some severe rain storms. When I think of summer, I think of long days of sunshine, taking a ride on my motorcycle, and relaxing times. The sad part of all that is, for me summer is a busy time. I am busy in the boarding kennel, busy snappy photographs, busy canning, I could go on and on.
My husband Bob is a huge fan of Barn Swallows. A sure sign for us that spring is here. We have nesting pairs that return almost to the day, each year. I’ve tried so many times to capture these very fast birds, sleek, little birds with no real success. I am not the kind to sit with the camera on the tripod, just waiting. I want to feel the shot, feel the adventure of getting that snapshot. As you can see I snapped a few photographs. Are they the best picture, no but it is for Bob that I posted it. For him, this is part of spring.

Tuesday May 21, 2012

Meet Cooper a beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  He’s as smart as a whip and just adores retrieving, even toys that are really too big for him. We are honored to be using Cooper in our newest ad for our boarding kennel.  I took many photographs of him, above are just a few.

It seems that wherever I go, I am inspired to snap the shutter button. Right now all the flowers are blooming and before long many will be gone. The birds are nesting and I can hear the peeping of little ones from way above in the tree tops. The colors all around are just magnificent. Spring, is so amazingly pretty.

So until next time, take a look around and see what Spring looks like.

Sunday May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s to all the mom’s out there. What a great day it was. When you go out to photograph events such as a dog show or horse show you sometimes snap a picture, that captures the essence and feeling of that very moment. I think this afternoon, I did just that. I was able to see others dedicated to their animals. I hope you get a chance to check out my Galleries and see exactly what I am talking about. Please enjoy.
Until next time…..

Tuesday May 8, 2012

This morning I looked out my back window to find this beautiful doe munching on grass and weeds. I quickly grabbed the camera, walked around the back of the house and slowly moved closer and closer to her. She spotted me but did not move, she just snorted at me. Her front leg lifted several times letting me know I was not wanted. I was trying my best to be still behind a tree, but I think the sound of the camera snapping eventually sent her running off. I am honored she stayed as long as she did. I hope you enjoy and feel the closeness, I felt.  What a treat.

Be well….



Saturday May 5, 2012

This week we had so much rain. I found myself itching to get outside and take some photographs. Once the rains stopped, I found my may to this budding Dogwood. I’ve been watching and waiting for it to flourish and bloom as it did the year before. I think is the coming week, it will get richer in the pink color. I will certainly be keeping my eyes on it.
I’ve added some other floral photographs to the Nature Gallery, please check it out. This is a great time of year, the birds come back east, the flowers and trees start to bloom and the insects follow to pollinate. I’ve already noticed tiny pears and apples in the orchard.
Be well, until next time.