Archive | October 2012

October 24, 2012


What can I say about this beautiful couple. I’ve knew Lauren and Josie when they were just friends, friends who followed their hearts. Lauren and Josie are living that fairytale dream, falling in love and making a life together. Lauren, asked me if I would photograph them both. As someone who does animals all the time, this certainly would be different. I had perfect subjects and I can now say we can include, because of all the requests, our Moments in Time Gallery which will feature natural portraits.
We hope you enjoy this as much as our pet portraits. Keep that smile.. Bob or I might be around the corner snapping your picture.

October 14, 2012


Meet Vee, she is a stunningly beautiful Akita Mix. Those blue eyes are just piercing. She is such a sweet dog, wanting to get close to me and kiss. Trying to keep her from the camera was a challenge. What a joy to be able to do a short sitting with her.
I want to remind everyone tomorrow is the last day of our Holiday special. Take advantage and book your pet’s sitting today or tomorrow.
I wish you all a great day. Until next time…

Thursday October 11, 2012


Fall is here and we’ve been snapping away in between the raindrops. We’ve had at least two mornings of frost, which I think is a bit unusual this early in October.
Here’s some of the collection I took of Oakley. He’s a pleasure to shoot and the camera loves him. I enjoy taking his photos as well.
Bob and I will be out photographing the next few days, here and there when time permits. Enjoy the daytime sunshine, night fall seems to move in quickly these days.
Until next time…. be well.