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November 25, 2012

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A trip to our local zoo, one of my favorite things to do, produced some incredible photo opportunities. I saw some cute characters. The Ostrich was quite cute coming right up to the camera and getting personal with me. The Penguins are always adorable. But today, the most enchanting and comical creature was the Aoudad(Barbary Sheep). Bob and I walked up to him, only to find him with a feather in his mouth playing, tossing his head about and just showing off. It was such fun and made for a most memorable day.
I will be adding more photographs to the Galleries, of the Williams shoot and the zoo trip in the next week or so. Please check back often.
I’d like to thank Josh and Courtney Williams again for the confidence in me. It was a pleasure photographing your two dogs and one cat.
The holiday season is here, remember a gift certificate for a photo shoot would make a great gift.
Until next time…..

November 15, 2012

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. We made it through Hurricane Sandy better then many people. The barn roof has holes, the slate is loose, the old Cherry Tree in front of the kennel took the original outhouse roof but thankfully missed the kennel. We lost many trees we know were planted here on the farm back in the late 1800’s if you can believe that. We are pleased that we all came out of this safe.
Featured are two beautiful canines. Elsa, is a Mastiff and Sage is a Pitbull Cross. As soon as their owners choose their proofs, I will be adding their photographs into the Gallery.
The holidays are around the corner now and I plan on photographing all winter for those interested. Who says you can’t snap photos in the winter.
I’d like to personally wish all my family, extended family, friends and clients a very Happy Thanksgiving.