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January 9, 2013

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I met this charming, sweet, beautiful lady about two years ago. It was a complete joy to photograph someone who has so much zest for life, who smiled from ear to ear and someone who was so gracious. This had to be one of the best times on a shoot, I have ever had. If it wouldn’t have started raining, I have a feeling I would have kept on snapping the shutter until we were both exhausted. All I can say is thank you Hetal, for a dream shoot and for your trust in me.
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January 4, 2013

(c)Hound Hollow Photography/All Rights Reserved/Updated May 2012

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Happy New Year, I hope the holidays brought all you desired. Bob and I enjoyed our time with great family and friends.
The next few weeks will be busy. I’ll be shooting two canine events, which is always enjoyable. I very much look forward to it every year.
Today, I needed to get away. For me the place to go is the zoo. Many of the animals were inside, it was bitter cold. It didn’t matter to because I knew that one shot I was looking for would be there. Shooting through cages can be difficult but I somehow managed to capture this Grey Fox. The edit is a bleached effect, something different. I’ll get the other photographs uploaded over the weekend.
Bob and I are now booking for spring. If you considered having your pets photographed now is the time to book your sitting. Give us a call 610-683-5015 to discuss dates available.
Until next time, be well.