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April 20, 2013

IMG_6495 - C

The beauty of Spring is starting to unfold right before our eyes. The other day I noticed the Daffodils had emerged from the ground. I quickly ran inside as the daylight would soon be gone for the day. Bob, looked at me in a funny way. He said, are there deer out back, is the hawk in the tree… I just simply said no there are beautiful Daffodils around our long departed Borzoi A.J.’s grave. We never planted them there, they just appeared as if her beauty would remind us each year, she was there, and still with us. The photo above is just a beautiful reminder, not to forget.
We have a few interesting photo shoots coming up, we are looking forward to. A dog wash, lure coursing and some special canines. We encourage everyone visiting today to get your summer photo sessions booked now. Look for our specials on Facebook.
Until next time…..