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Tuesday June 26, 2012

Summer, has arrived and with it has given us an array of weather. We’ve had heavy rain early mornings and by mid day the sun is shining. Some days it is pure sunshine and blue skies all day. Birds are singing all the time. There are so many species that come to our feeders, including one Hummingbird. It has been years since we’ve seen a Hummingbird here on the farm. We believe it is due to the feral cats, not their food source. I am trying to capture this little bird for you to see.
The beautiful canine above is Reese, a crossbreed. He appears to be part Beagle and maybe some German Shepherd in there too. He’s a true gentleman to be around. He is featured today and is also in the Canine Gallery. The camera just loves him. His dark eyes, eye rim pigment and coat color just shine. I am honored to be around such a sweet dog.
Be well, until next time…..

Tuesday June 12, 2012

Simplicity, black & white…. monochrome. Way back when, all photos were shot in black and white. Today, many photographers are still using it due to the effects it adds to a photograph. The depth of the grays, blacks and whites. There are even colors you don’t really see. I know personally speaking some photographs to me, look better in black and white.
The Moluccan Cockatoo is a peach colored bird. Meet Delilah a 26+ yr old Moluccan Cockatoo, who is what is known as a ‘plucker”, she pulls her feathers. There is nothing medically wrong, she just plucks. I found the photographs I took of her in color did not speak to me, yet a monochrome picture spoke volumes. I hope you like the expression of her deep eyes. She wasn’t sure if she should eat the banana, which is a favorite of her’s or look at me.
The Black & White Gallery has some samples. I hope you stroll through and see why monochrome photographs are still very popular today.

Thursday May 31, 2012

It Seemed Like Summer….
This week we had a taste of what promises to be a warm summer. We experienced above average temperatures along with some severe rain storms. When I think of summer, I think of long days of sunshine, taking a ride on my motorcycle, and relaxing times. The sad part of all that is, for me summer is a busy time. I am busy in the boarding kennel, busy snappy photographs, busy canning, I could go on and on.
My husband Bob is a huge fan of Barn Swallows. A sure sign for us that spring is here. We have nesting pairs that return almost to the day, each year. I’ve tried so many times to capture these very fast birds, sleek, little birds with no real success. I am not the kind to sit with the camera on the tripod, just waiting. I want to feel the shot, feel the adventure of getting that snapshot. As you can see I snapped a few photographs. Are they the best picture, no but it is for Bob that I posted it. For him, this is part of spring.