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Friday August 17, 2012

I guess you are wondering why there is not a dog photograph, a cat, horse or even a floral. Well, I’ve gotten a few requests in the past weeks to photograph families which include their pets and also two couples who just wanted to update their personal photographs. So I decided, people are different then animals and I’d better see how I’d do with a subject that understood my requests. Remember, animals only react to voices and sounds. I don’t think a biscuit or squeaky toy will work well with a human subject. My dear husband Bob was my “Guinea Pig”. We set out one afternoon on and motorcycles, went to this park we had heard about and I snapped away.  Take a peek for yourself in my new Moments In Time  gallery. I hope you like them. I look forward to expanding this gallery, in the near future.
Until next time….

Tuesday June 12, 2012

Simplicity, black & white…. monochrome. Way back when, all photos were shot in black and white. Today, many photographers are still using it due to the effects it adds to a photograph. The depth of the grays, blacks and whites. There are even colors you don’t really see. I know personally speaking some photographs to me, look better in black and white.
The Moluccan Cockatoo is a peach colored bird. Meet Delilah a 26+ yr old Moluccan Cockatoo, who is what is known as a ‘plucker”, she pulls her feathers. There is nothing medically wrong, she just plucks. I found the photographs I took of her in color did not speak to me, yet a monochrome picture spoke volumes. I hope you like the expression of her deep eyes. She wasn’t sure if she should eat the banana, which is a favorite of her’s or look at me.
The Black & White Gallery has some samples. I hope you stroll through and see why monochrome photographs are still very popular today.