May 4, 2013

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Happy Derby Day. May, came in just as the old saying, bringing with it not only flowers, but the sun. I was outside mowing grass today thinking this year is just on flying by.
Look at this cutie. Meet Nugget, the Cockapoo. He played with toys the whole time he was outside and stopped just long enough in between for me to snap a few candid photos. Sometimes those quick unplanned photos come out nice.
This week I’ll be meeting Simba, a Chow Chow who I am very much looking forward to shooting. Next weekend we’ll be at the Girl Scouts Dog Wash, which should be a blast. We are photographing the event for Girl Scout Troop 6078. It is being held at the New Life Church in New Tripoli. Raffles, homemade dog treat and baked goods will be available. The dog wash is $15.00 per dog. If anyone wants information, please contact me at 610-683-5015. Bob and I will be available to snap photos from 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM that day. All proceeds are going to the troop, which in turn is donating it to Gress Mountain Ranch. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Until next time, enjoy the sun!

April 20, 2013

IMG_6495 - C

The beauty of Spring is starting to unfold right before our eyes. The other day I noticed the Daffodils had emerged from the ground. I quickly ran inside as the daylight would soon be gone for the day. Bob, looked at me in a funny way. He said, are there deer out back, is the hawk in the tree… I just simply said no there are beautiful Daffodils around our long departed Borzoi A.J.’s grave. We never planted them there, they just appeared as if her beauty would remind us each year, she was there, and still with us. The photo above is just a beautiful reminder, not to forget.
We have a few interesting photo shoots coming up, we are looking forward to. A dog wash, lure coursing and some special canines. We encourage everyone visiting today to get your summer photo sessions booked now. Look for our specials on Facebook.
Until next time…..

March 26, 2013

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Thanks for dropping by. This beautiful lady was photographed at the Dog Park. She just couldn’t take her eyes off me, because I had biscuit in my hand. Her expression is priceless. I will be adding more photographs to the Canine Gallery. I have also added some new photographs to the Dog Park album. Please feel free to look around.
As some of you know, Facebook has been giving me the world to see. I’ve been having a very difficult time posting photographs there on a timely fashion. I am doing my best to work things out.
My weekends are slowly getting booked for shoots. Reserve your spot early.
Until next time..
Spring Deal two free additional 5 x 7 prints with one of our packages($20.00 value). This is a limited time offer, so take advantage and book now. Please mention this special when booking  your shoot.


March 25, 2013

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Snow, in spring. I know this is not a first but it seems so odd. I know spring is going to be passed over once again and we will find ourselves right in the midst of summer. Don’t blink anyone.
This beautiful Trumpeter Swan was just gliding across the water. There was something magical in the highlights, a inter glow emanating from inside. It was very beautiful to watch.
We still have bookings open for you and your family. You want your dog or cat photographed, I’m your gal. How about your horse at the barn, I’m your gal. The family, I’m your gal. Reserve your photo shoot today.
Off to the real world..until next time, be well.

March 22, 2013

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Hi and thanks for visiting. Spring is here… so we wouldn’t know it by our Pennsylvania weather. It’s been more Winter like then Spring.
We are booking weekends now for both Spring and Summer dates. If anyone has last minute Easter sittings you need done, just call us. We’ll be happy to do our best to get you in. For those people booked, I can’t wait for your shoot, it’s always so exciting for me.
I’ve gotten a few requests for changing up backgrounds. Above is my test run, so to speak. Your opinions are great. Chime in below in the comment box, I promise to read them all.
Look for our upcoming Summer specials.
Until next time…..

March 14, 2013

Irish Setter

Thank you for stopping by my website! Spring is almost here, I do hope that you will consider me for your upcoming canine, feline, equine or personal portraits. Photography is a passion for me, along with animals and nature. I strive to capture that moment in time, that is so important in your life. One snap can make that memory last forever.
I and now booking for the spring. Flowers will be starting to bloom and it is a perfect time for shooting photographs. Give me a call, set up your dates or to discuss a shoot.

February 18, 2013

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Meet Am. GCH CH Can. Ch. Spring Valley’s Shumba Hadzi SC CGC “Shumba” a majestic Rhodesian Ridgeback. I have photographed her several times now, and she never ceases to amaze me. Her expression is powerful, she notices things far out in the fields, as a true sighthound should.
There is evidence that Spring is near. The geese have been heading north, some of the trees are sprouting buds, tulips and daffodils are in the supermarkets and Easter goodies are on the store shelves. All signs that Spring is not far off. With all that said, blossoming trees make for a perfect backdrop for beautiful photographs. We are now booking weekends in late March and April. Give us a call 610-683-5015 and take advantage of our Spring forward offers.
Be well…. until next time.

February 16, 2013

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Winter, cold and snow…. This is Jaxson, a Labrador cross breed enjoying a romp out in the snow. I snapped this photograph in the middle of the afternoon, it was so bright out I couldn’t even see what I was shooting. Call it luck but this is what I snapped, the snow was flying and you can clearly see Jaxson was having fun.
As many of you know, I had my surgery to fix my tenosynovitis Tuesday. There was a small irregularity in the bone which caused this. The surgeon said, he would go into more detail at my post-op visit. I really am in no pain, it does feel however like its being stretched or pulled in a way(probably the stitches healing). I am getting some editing done, which I shouldn’t be doing but you know me. I will be back to normal, in no time.
We are booking for Spring shoots now. We suggest you make your reservations early, weekend’s book quickly.
Until next time…. be well.
PS- We do all photography, not just your pets!

February 1, 2013

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I was always told seize the moment, if you can. My photography is doing just that. This past weekend I was shooting at the dog show. The beautiful headpiece you see is of a Pekingese puppy. For those that know the breed they are usually propped up on a beautiful pillow, carried into the ring, then brushed and they lay there until asked to be gaited. They pose like little stuffed animals. This one is a beauty.
Look for more photographs of the dogs I snapped in the Canine Gallaries
Be well everyone and stay warm in this extreme weather.